What You Need For a New Cat | Supplies Checklist

Get Ready For Your New Cat

Bringing home a new cat will change both of your lives. Get off to a smooth start and make sure to get them everything they need to feel at home.

Here are the absolute essentials you'll need for their arrival (we're sure you'll end up getting more fun stuff as they settle in).

  • Wet Food
  • Dry Food
  • Food and Water Dishes
  • Kitty Litter
  • Litter Box + Scoop
  • Toys
  • Comfy Bed
  • Pet Insurance

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You'll also need a cat carrier to bring your kitty home from the shelter or rescue. We suggest purchasing one because you'll need it for future vet visits too!

$25 Rescue Cat Bonus Offer

Order a custom adoption kit worth $200 + to qualify for this offer!

Reducing Stress 

When you adopt your new cat, it can be a stressful time, so keeping food and litter the same as what they have been using can help your kitty settle in.

If you want to use a different brand, use at least one bag of their existing food and litter to transition them to whichever brands you decide to give them.

This is to put the least amount of stress on them and avoid having them not eat... As well as reducing the chance of litter box issues when they first arrive!

At Catoro, we feed our rescue cats a mixture of Acana and Orijen dry food, and Boreal and FirstMate wet food, for a balanced and varied diet.

Why do You Need Pet Insurance?

Vet bills can be unexpected and often costly. Pet insurance can make life so much easier for you, and help you care for your kitty no matter what they're going through.

When you adopt from Catoro, you're eligible for the Trupanion 'Exam Day Offer'!

When activated within 24 hours of your new kitty's first post-adoption exam with a Veterinarian, get immediate coverage with the comprehensive Trupanion medical insurance policy – which picks up 90% of eligible veterinary costs for all new injuries and illnesses, including hereditary and congenital conditions, with no payout limits – this helps prepare you for unexpected veterinary costs

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