Sometimes the kitties who come to Catoro have a difficult time adjusting for different reasons: they are overwhelmed by the other kitties, are home-sick for their previous living situation, or have come with a flu that they can’t quite kick. While our staff do everything they can to ensure every cat receives care that meets our high standards, there is no place like home. Once in a while a special kitty needs a home to themselves until they’re adopted - that’s where you come in!

What are we looking for in a foster parent?

Because we only take in a limited number of cats and have our own in-house care facility, the circumstances in which we need foster homes are quite limited, and as a result we are looking for a specific type of foster home. If you fit most of these but aren't sure about one, you may still apply. Some characteristics we are looking for:

Home or large space without other pets

A majority of cats we place in foster care have some type of illness that needs some extra TLC. Sometimes these are illnesses that are contagious to other cats, so homes without other pets are ideal for these cats. The absence of stress is also an important factor in their recovery. In other situations the cat just cannot socialize with other cats no matter what we try and we want them to be happy in their own space.

Driver’s license and access to a vehicle

Someone in the home must have easy access to a vehicle and the ability to drive to pick up the cat and supplies, and also be available in the case of a veterinary emergency.

Previous experience caring for an animal and a big heart!

Besides the basics of feeding, scooping litter, and cuddling, we are also looking for someone who is comfortable giving different types of specialized care such as medication (eyedrops, liquids, or pills) or hygienic/grooming tasks (baths or cleaning if needed).


What is provided by Catoro? 

  • Food and litter when needed

  • Screening potential adopters

  • All medical expenses including vaccination, spays/neuters and emergencies

  • Ongoing support and guidance

Cats could remain in foster care anywhere from a few days to several months. We ask that you keep this in mind so the cat does not need to be moved regularly since they often have special circumstances, however you are only required to foster for as long as you wish.

If you think you have space in your home to foster, please complete the foster application and one of our staff will respond and add you to our list of contacts. Because we aren't always looking for fosters, we will reach out as needed.

Thank you!


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