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Since the beginning of COVID, Catoro has been drastically impacted by reduced visitors to our store. However, we still continue to take in cats in need of care. We have zero regrets for helping all the beautiful cats that came to Catoro, but we have been running the store at a loss since 2020. 

Our goal is to reach $15,000 per month in sponsorships which means we will be able to sustain support for 30 cats each month. This amount will provide food, litter, and staff at the store to provide ongoing cleanup, care, medical attention, and rehabilitation. Once we achieve this, we will be able to re-focus our efforts to improve the lives of our cats and help find them furrever homes! 

This will also allow us to put more effort back into bringing guests to Catoro for more personalized experiences and never compromising on capacity to pay the bills. It's essential for us to help those guests as well that cannot have pets of their own who wish to come in for Animal Therapy to give them the best experience we can offer. Your support will allow us to host more events with cats, such as movie nights, craft nights, and cat yoga! 

All of the following donations can be made as a one-time or automated monthly pledge. 

Pledge $3 - Provide food and litter for a cat for one day

Pledge $6 - Provide food and litter for two cats for one day

Pledge $12 - Provide food and litter for a cat for three days

Pledge $28 - Provide food and litter for a cat for a week

Pledge $90 - Sponsor the food and litter of a cat for a whole month 

Pledge $500 - Sponsor the complete care, including food, litter, & medical bills of a cat for a month. 

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