5 reasons we love Tofu Litter

The more cats we have, the more poop we gotta scoop… So we only use the best litter, to make our job as easy as possible!

Here are 5 reasons we love Tofu Litter and why we trust it to keep the Cat Forest smelling fresh.

Effortless Scooping & Clumping:

Tofu Litter's makes firm, easy to scoop clumps - crucial when we have plenty of cats visiting our litter boxes.

Exceptional Absorption Power:

In our Cat Forest, Tofu Litter's rapid absorption is a game-changer. With an ability to absorb four times its volume in just two seconds, it swiftly absorbs liquids, locking in odors almost instantly.

Fresh & Clean Odor Control:

It’s unscented with no nasty chemicals, but has a natural, slightly vanilla aroma, ensuring cats and humans breathe easy.


The soft granules of Tofu Litter are gentle on kitty paws, for a comfortable litter experience.


Tofu Litter, made from repurposed food-grade soya dregs, aligns with our commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious choices

Subscribe and save:

Customers love Tofu Litter as much as we do, and so this is one of our best-selling products. That's why we make it easy to save time and money with our Automatic Refills. Get 10% cash back on every future order when you subscribe, and we'll deliver your litter (and other essentials) automatically each month.

Let us do the heavy lifting a drop your litter order to your door automatically!

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