Frankey was shot twice and survived. But now he needs your help.

Meet Frankey. Frankey currently has two bullets lodged in his abdomen.


Frankey arrived in our recent transport of kitties on February 9. Before he left Saskatchewan, our rescue partners recorded that he was a normal weight, normal energy and all around sweet and unremarkable cat.

Frankey seemed a little off after he arrived at Catoro, so we took him to the vet. That’s where we found out how sick he really is.


Our vet confirmed he has a large amount of fluid built up in his abdomen, which is not a good sign. We also got bloodwork done. The results came back very similar to another cat (Tintin) with FIP.


And just to be safe, we did some x-rays.

None of us were expecting what we saw in his x-rays: two .22 calibre BB gun pellets lodged in Frankey’s abdomen.

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