Are ALL Catoro cats available for adoption?

Wondering if all the cats are available to adopt?

The answer is yes! In fact, this is one of the fundamental purposes of our cat cafe.

All our cats have been rescued, and we take care of them in a safe space, providing food, medical care and so much more. We find loving homes for these cats, making space for more kitties to be rescued.

Because the cats all come from different places and have different backgrounds, they often need a while to settle in and feel safe.

So, we give each kitty a ‘settling in’ period before they are marked as available for adoption. This gives each cat the chance to experience stability and safety, and lets us observe their personality so we can find them the perfect home.

While they’re settling in, they get to interact with humans. They get to experience positive interactions, playtime, and cuddles with our guests...

This often forms a valuable rehabilitation for cats that may be scared of people, or even semi feral. There have been SO many transformations of cats that arrived still stuck in “survival mode” - and after receiving love, care and plenty of patience, they reveal their true, affectionate selves.

So when you visit, you can feel good knowing that you are helping socialise these cats, giving them positive experiences with humans, and making it easier for them to find the right homes.

And the more of our cats that find homes, the more rescue cats we can take in… It’s a positive cycle which helps more and more cats. So far we’ve helped find homes for over 800 kitties in need!

Some cat cafes do have permanent feline residents, but even though this would be easier to manage, we think it’s vital to give rescue cats the opportunity to find homes.

With the cat overpopulation crisis in Canada, there are too many kitties living in unsafe and unpleasant conditions. We know cat lovers want to help, but it can be difficult to know how. So we do the hard work for you, and you can be part of the solution simply by visiting the cats, donating or shopping in our store.

And if you’re looking to adopt a cat, visiting our Cat Forest is a great way to really get to know the personalities of the cats you’re considering.

Unlike a typical shelter, our cats roam free in a large space with a feline-friendly design. When cats are comfortable in their environment, it’s much easier for you to get a true sense of their unique personality, and find out whether they would be a good fit.

On any given visit to our Cat Forest, some kitties will have already found adopters, and are just staying with us until they get collected. So, if you’re hoping to adopt, then it’s a wise idea to ask the staff which cats are currently available.

They can let you know which cuties are still looking for homes. Furthermore, they can answer questions about personalities and help you meet the kitties that would suit your home.

So in conclusion, all our kitties are looking for homes, and it's easy to help them by interacting with them on a visit, supporting their daily rescue costs by shopping, or even adopting one into your home! Together, let's help as many rescue cats as we can.