Admission is $18 per guest. Advance bookings are strongly recommended.

Our capacity is limited to 12 guests per session.

Please read all rules and guidelines below before completing your booking.


We do not allow children under 5 years old (including infants) in the Cat Forest.

Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. There must be at least one adult over 18 for every group with children.

Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your reservation time to  check-in.

We love hearing about your cats and seeing photos, but unfortunately they cannot come visit our cats. Please keep your pets at home.

50 Minute Cat Forest Visit

Options: 50 Minute Admission
Sale price$18.00


Catoro cat cafe offers the benefits of animal therapy to our community. Enter our magical Cat Forest where you can interact with around 20 adoptable rescue cats. These cats all stay temporarily at Catoro while we find their forever homes.

Living in the city, we often find ourselves removed from nature and our innate connection with animals. Catoro cat cafe offers an opportunity to meet and interact with cats in a safe, low-stress environment.
During your 50-minute visit, you can meet each cat and play with them, pet them, brush them and enjoy their company. We encourage regular, repeat visits to truly feel the therapeutic benefits of animal companionship. 

    Cancellations & Late Arrivals

    We require 24 hrs notice for cancelation or reschedule requests. Please note we are not able to provide refunds for last-minute cancelled bookings or no-shows.


    Pet and play at your own risk. No matter how snuggly and friendly, cats are still animals. Scratches and bites may happen.

    Shoes are not allowed in the cat forest. Please wear/bring your own socks. Clean, sanitized slippers are provided.

    Do not pick up the cats. Do not hold them down or restrict their freedom of movement in any way.

    Treat our staff and cats with the utmost respect and kindness. Bullying and harrassment of any form will not be tolerated.

    We welcome our young guests but we are not a babysitting service - parents are responsible for monitoring their children and supervising behaviour at all times.

    Review rules & safety

    Safety Disclaimer

    The safety and wellbeing of our cats is our number one priority. We take every possible measure to ensure you have an enjoyable experience while keeping our cats safe. Mistreatment of cats in any way will not be tolerated.

    Our cats are fully vaccinated and all spayed/neutered. Sometimes we may have cats with pre-existing medical concerns. Please feel free to ask our hosts if you have any questions.

    Our cats are very friendly, but like any animal there is always the possibility of getting scratched or bitten.

    Our Hosts will advise you on the different temperaments of our cats so you know how to best play and engage with each cat. 

    Catoro Cafe is not responsible or liable for any injury or possible health concerns of guests who enter the Cat Forest.

    Find yourself a frequent visitor?

    Our Cat Forest Dweller package offers a discounted visit rate and additional perks.

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