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As you may imagine, caring for 50 cats or more is no easy task. Catoro employs over 30 staff to supervise and care for the cats in our facilities. Rescuing cats can be unpredictable and many times we may see a sudden spike in how many cats we have if a rescue just happened without much notice. 

At times, we may be short handed and are looking for eager and good hearted people to assist us in a voluntary capacity in order to allow for us to give each cat the care they deserve without compromising their health, comfort and safety. 

Catoro is always in need of volunteers to come and help with ongoing daily duties such as feeding, changing water bowls, cleaning litter boxes, and general tidying. 

Below is the following requirements needed to volunteer at Catoro

Please send us an email with your resume and a bit about yourself and why you'd like to volunteer at Catoro. To apply to volunteer, please email to If you are successful, we will phone or email you to follow up. 

In exchange for your hard work, every 2 hours volunteered will grant you 30 minutes of cat time for free! 

Thank you for your support!