About Us

We understand the struggle of wanting to help, but not knowing where to start…

At Catoro, we know you want to be a caring animal lover.

The problem is many cats are abandoned or mistreated...

Which makes you feel guilty because you know you could do more.

We believe all pets deserve to be loved and cared for

Which is why we've created a safe and relaxing place for rescue cats to live happily, where they can find loving homes.

This space makes it easy to help cats by socializing them through human interaction, while also helping our community benefit from animal therapy.

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Here's How it Works:

1. We rescue cats and bring them to the safe, welcoming Cat Forest.

2. You support the care and re-homing of these cats by shopping or becoming a Patron.

3. Visit the Cat Forest to help socialize our cats (and maybe find a new companion).

4. You get to destress and bond with kitties, while helping fight animal suffering.

So book your visit now

And in the meantime check out the current cats living at Catoro.

So you can stop the abandonment and abuse of cats, and instead support and love cats just as they were meant to be.

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The Catoro Promise

- We promise to always put cat welfare first.

- To create a safe and welcoming environment for cats and guests alike.

- To only stock high quality pet supplies that are good for cats.

- To serve our community and make the healing powers of animal therapy available to every guest.

- To act with integrity, honesty, kindness and compassion.

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