Description: Solid dark orange tabby. Yellow eyes

Breed: Arabian Mau mix

Aaron is a very energetic young man. He likes to be everywhere all the time and will not let anything happen in his domain without thoroughly investigating it. His hobbies include following you to every single room you go to to ensure it's clear of any potential threats or food, reminding you of dinner time and chewing on your hair. Aaron enjoys occupying your lap or sitting right in-between you and someone else creating an Aaron sandwich.

Aaron can be quite anxious around other cats at first, so introducing him to a new feline could be gamble.  He has met a small dog at a foster's home and was more curious about it than scared.

The safest bet would be for Aaron to be the only pet in his kingdom.

If you are interested in meeting Aaron, his fosters are happy to make that happen! Just email us at adoptions@catoropets.com 

Birthday: May 1st, 2022