One-Eyed Will | ADOPTED

Grey and White. Domestic Longhair.

Will is just a little one-eyed boy who doesn't let his disability keep him down. He was born with a deformity in his eye that later required him to have it removed. Due to his young age and laid back personality he has adapted really well to being a one-eyed-guy!

He warms up to people pretty quickly and melts like butter on a sunny day when you pet him. Will is an avid fan of booty taps and chin scratches. He will bend over backwards for you when you hit the right spot. This fella is super affectionate, to the point where he will try to lift your hand with his nose to nudge you to pet him. Will is always there to listen to your problems and distract you from the matrix. He's got majestic high pitch purrs that will melt your heart and make you never want to leave his side. Will loves other cats and will adapt his play style depending on the cat he's playing with! He's like the little diplomat of the cat forest and always knows how to diffuse tension with his positive and care-free personality.

Will is super playful and loves to scamper, jump and chase. He would thrive in a high-activity home with lots of stuff going on and people around. Will is a long-haired cat so will need frequent brushing to ensure his silky soft coat stays silky soft and tangle free.

Birthday: September 1st, 2022