Waylon & Smithers

Sex: Males

Age: 1 year 9 months

Smithers is one of the most polite boys our cat forest did see. He is shy at first and flinches at any sudden movements, but he will never attack you when you try to get into his personal space - instead he’ll turn his head away as if he’s hiding from you, like a bashful toddler. With some patience and love, Smithers comes out of his shell to enjoy some pets and snacks. Unlike most kitties, Smithers doesn’t use his teeth when he eats from your hands. One of the many cute attributes that Smithers has is extra thumbs on both front paws. It looks like he’s wearing mittens at all times. He is the ultimate sweetheart who awaits his other human half.

Waylon is our fluffy, shy resident who likes to snuggle up next to his best friend and brother Smithers. He’s even more shy than Smithers, yet he’ll never swat your hand away when you try to be nosy and pet his furry head. He has monotone fur in his body that looks and feels a lot like a jackrabbit coat, and a fluffy tail and mane like a fox! This little bunny is still taking his time to adjust to the cat forest, but we can already tell Waylon is going to be a huge love bug. He is bonded with his best friend Smithers and these two have to be adopted together. Despite being so timid, both of these boys will let us pick them up and move them around without taking their claws out. These are some of the biggest, gentlest cats you’ll ever meet.