Revi & Jet


  • Revi - 2 years 5 months
    • Revi responds to her own name.  She is a very sweet cat who loves being pet.  She loves any attention you can give her, even from a not-so-gentle toddler.  She is the more mellow of the pair, and is less skittish than Jet.  She enjoys sleeping at the foot of the bed.  Revi would be an easy indoor cat.  Revi is more likely than Jet to catch spiders, birds and mice.  Revi prefers to drink water out of a clean toilet. Revi is a very sweet cat who deserves a lifetime of cuddles and attention.    
  • Jet - 3 years 2 months
    • Jet is an assertive character.  He takes a bit longer to warm up to you, and is slightly skittish, but once he does warm up to you, he is intensely cuddly!  He will often wait for you to invite him up onto the bed (by patting the bed, scratching your fingers together or making a purring noise).  He is very demanding for cuddles, and will often nudge under your hand or arm to get more attention from you (or he will try to push Revi out of the way).  If you continue petting him, he will continue moving around, but if you stop petting him he will often snuggle up beside you and go to sleep purring.  Jet loves being outside. 

These two must be adopted together.