Puss & Boots

Age: 1 - 2 years

Boots is chill and laid back, enjoys hanging out in a cage that he claims as his own penthouse and waits for you to approach him first, because that’s just how he rolls. He’s too cool for first moves. For the first couple weeks of their stay at Catoro, we actually thought Puss might be semi-feral, and wondered how he could be so different than his sweet and gentle brother. He wouldn't let us near him. However, it ended up being pure fear. Once Puss realized we were only there to give love and bring food, he came out of his shell and hasn't looked back. He's just as sweet as his brother, and even more energetic and vocal (maybe he's making up for lost time!). This handsome duo never disappoints in the love department if you like to be showered in shy cuddles.