Sex: Female

Age: Adult

Diana is a pretty tabby with a bashful but curious personality and a princess-like elegance. She likes to climb and explore, and though she might put on a brave and defensive face, she is actually very self-conscious and affectionate. She really loves treats and pets (both at the same time are even better) but has limited exposure to people, so new places make her a little nervous. She wears her heart on her sleeve - she trembles when she's anxious, defends her honor when she's scared, and purrs when you're petting her. She has a very sweet way of butting her head against your arm and keeping it there, and flopping over onto your hand. Even though she seems like she may have had a bad experience in the past, she so badly wants your love! She will forgive you for frightening her and welcome you with purrs and cheek rubs. She's close with her daughter Lydia but the two can be adopted separately.