Sex: Female

Age: ~1 year

Cori is an energetic and loving cat even when you meet her for the first time. She is very friendly and loves to be petted and will bunt you with her head for more head rubs. She will be very vocal and meow and make cooing noises to greet you. Cori likes to explore and jump to higher places to see you face to face. She loves lots of head scratches and likes to rub her head against your arm and hand. When you walk away to leave the room, Cori likes to run through or by your legs and look at you with her adorable eyes. She loves to make herself comfortable on window ledges so she can look outside, and sleep in shelves. She is very curious and loves to explore and seek out high places. 

Cori likes to drink from multiple areas, with running water and have multiple small meals throughout the day. Make sure she has her own food bowl or eating area so other pets do not eat her food. She eats dry food faster than wet food, and she likes both. Cori is litter boxed trained and does not have any litter issues. 

She would do well in a home where people can give her lots of high energy play, such as using feathers or a ball on a string for Cori to chase. Cori seems to be very curious about other cats (she hisses at new cats), however she may lie down on her back near other cats, and would probably get along with another cat that is calm and less dominant and can cooperate with Cori’s energy.