Angel is literally just that- an Angel. She’s a tiny, squirmy, cuddly and playful leetal feather. Looking at her and how sweet and unbothered she is, you would never imagine what she had gone through. Angel underwent tumour removal surgeries. She lost her tail and gained a cute little bunny bottom due to the cancer. She’s had many ear infections when she was little and thus she’s a bit clumsy and tends to lean when she walks. Since she had cancer at such a young age, there is a chance that it will come back, even though she’s in remission right now. Angel loves everybody, humans, cats, dogs, you name it. She’s very eager to live her life to its best potential and it shows. There is no doubt that everyone who meets her will fall in love with her, she just needs that special and understanding family that will be able to be there for her no matter what.