Tesla & Porsche - Adopted


Tesla is the prettiest tawny short haired torbie. She's a tiny dynamo who thinks she is a big wild cat. She is not afraid of anyone or anything and when in a new environment will even let inanimate objects know she's the boss by hissing at them. Once she settles in though she turns into a cuddly little teddy bear that will hold you hostage by demanding to sit in your lap and refusing to move. Unlike her sister, Porsche, she has no fear and takes new situations head on. She can co-exist with other cats as long as they respect her space, but she also doesn't mind being on her own. She doesn't like being in close quarters with her sister but once they're in an open space she will hang out around her, so her and her sister would do well in a home together as long as they have plenty of space to get some time away from each other, like classic siblings. She likely would not be a fan of dogs considering her defensive nature with new cats. She would do well with children and wouldn't mind an active home. 

Birthday: March 25, 2023


Porsche is also a domestic short hair Torbie. Her and her sister are very similar in appearance but quite different in personality. She's a vocal, active girl, who is obsessed with chin scratches. Unlike her sister, Tesla, she is nervous in new settings and will hide and hiss at everyone and everything. She prefers to find a safe hiding spot and assess the situation before exploring. Although she's a nervous lady in new situations she adores human interactions. As soon as your fingers touch her neck, she melts like butter on a sunny day. Porsche loves to headbutt you and rub her whole body against you. Her spine activates and turns into a rainbow when you pet her. Despite her initial reaction to everything and everyone new hiding and hissing, she only does this to tell everyone that she is not a weak link. At the core, Porsche is a complete sweetheart who wants to spend as much time with you as possible. If you give her a chance to warm up she will be the best bff anyone could ask for. 

Birthday: March 25, 2023

Tesla & Porsche are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.