Ariel & Woody- ADOPTED

Ariel and Woody are a bonded pair of siblings and must be adopted together.

These two troublemakers are high energy, full of beans and nonstop fun. They will climb, crawl and squirm their way into every nook and cranny of your house. Find them napping in your linen closet one moment and playing in your pantry the next. These two would be great adventure cats so if you want to take your cats on a fun, leashed adventure - they'd be perfect. 

Woody and Ariel are part Arabian Mau and it’s important to note that the breed usually requires a lot of stimulation, however these two seem to be on a chiller side.  Arabian Mau are also known for their high intelligence, figuring out where you hide your snacks or how to open a door is an easy task to them.


Woody is the cutest white & orange short haired cat. He has a lean body and long legs. He's our resident escape artist. He’s strong, he’s fast, he’s very curious. Woody will climb any ladder and any door. No surface goes unattended when Woody’s around. His favourite activities, besides climbing, are getting in your way and yelling at you. Woody is very enthusiastic about food and will do just about anything for even a crumb of anything edible, so he will need a very tidy guardian who is prepared to do what it takes to keep him from raiding the pantries. Woody loves to stare out our windows and watch the world go by. He's a snuggly little dude who loves to be loved. 

Woody's favourite activity is chasing and catching a bouncy ball. He even learnt how to bounce one himself! He loves greeting you with his signature meows and just having a casual conversation with you. 

Birthday: April 1st, 2022


Ariel is the most beautiful dilute flame point short haired white kitty. She looks like a lightly toasted marshmallow. She's also our track star of the Cat Forest. When Ariel's around, no door goes un-sneaked-through, no feet go un-trampled, no floor goes un-slided. She wants to see everything, everywhere, all at once. Her mind is as busy as her legs. Ariel is full of energy and charisma. She likes to treat people like cat trees and doesn’t care if it hurts you. In her selfless Ariel ways she will  groom your hair if she manages to get onto your shoulders, and sometimes she can get a bit lost in the sauce and start nibbling your ears. She’s sweet, rumbunctious and an overall fun cat. 

Over the year Ariel learnt that if she's more cuddly and affectionate she will get more treats. This girl is smarter than she looks! She's a total charmer and a sneaky weasel.

Birthday: April 1st, 2022


These two have been with us for a year and a half! It's truly unbelievable that they still haven't found their forever home. These two are probably the most interesting and entertaining cats we've ever had.