Stevie & Cuddles

Stevie is a sweet, blind boy that recently arrived in Catoro. Stevie was born with an eye deformity and they had to be removed. That doesn’t stop him from exploring with his whiskers and following you around. Despite him having no eyes, Stevie is very comfortable around the cat forest and you can always find him in search of an adventure. He absolutely enjoys snuggling in your lap and nuzzling in the palm of your hand with his wet nose. It doesn’t take much for Stevie to start purring, just a few scratches under his cheeks and he’s your boy. He is able to find his way up and down his scratching post, and loves to lie in windowsills to soak up the sun. Stevie can track down noisy toys to chase and pounce on. Stevie also has impeccable litter box habits, and if he really has to go to the bathroom and is unsure of how to get down from the spot he is in, he will call for you to come help him to the floor. He is happy and gentle, and loves other cats! 

Cuddles is a tiny, fluffy sweet boy that made himself feel like a king on the very first day at the cat forest. He enjoys lounging on soft, fuzzy blankets on bean bags and watching everyone around him. His main activities include, but are not limited to- going from one lounging spot to another, as well as occasionally bumping his tiny head against your limbs. He can be quite hissy with other cats, but is an absolute gentle soul with humans. Cuddles is more of an observer than a player, he likes to lay low and act high and mighty. He’s bonded with Stevie.