Sir Fluffster

Sex: Male

Age: Adult

Sir Fluffster is like no other kitty in the cat forest. He may give off some Gandalf vibes and appear like a giant dust bunny that escaped from under your desk, but he is so much more than that! Sir Fluffster enjoys tiny nooks and crannies, where he can hide away from everyone he deems unworthy of his sight. When discovered, however, he is very calm and patient. Sir Flufster doesn’t make much noise, which makes him a great talking buddy when you want to get advice in the middle of the night, but don't want to wake the rest of the house up. His cute meows comes out when he hears a can of food opening. He loves to wander out from his cave to find you and give you the biggest smile with his eyes. He’s an old, wise man trapped in an adult cat’s body. He can’t wait to teach you all the lessons he has learnt from all his past lives. This little sir needs a home where he will be groomed daily since his coat is so dense and fluffy and his face is so smooshed! He's quite timid around other cats and will always back down and retreat when bullied. He would most likely get along well with a gentle friend.