Vet bills can be unexpected and often costly. Pet insurance can make life so much easier for you, and help you care for your kitty no matter what they're going through.

Trupanion Exam Day Offer

We recommend Trupanion for the high quality and many features of their insurance plans. When you adopt from us, you're eligible for the Trupanion 'Exam Day Offer.'

Exam Day Offer

When activated within 24 hours of your new kitty's first post-adoption exam with a Veterinarian, get immediate coverage with the comprehensive Trupanion medical insurance policy – which picks up 90% of eligible veterinary costs for all new injuries and illnesses, including hereditary and congenital conditions, with no payout limits – this helps prepare you for unexpected veterinary costs. 

Choosing the right pet insurance

Choosing the right medical insurance is really important but it can be hard to know what makes some insurance policies better than other ones... So here are some useful questions to help you figure out what your needs are, and whether the pet insurance you're considering can meet them. 

Useful questions to ask

Want more info about Trupanion policies?

Policy information (What's covered)

You can also find more info on their website!