Valeena: My experience working at Catoro | Meet the team

Want to know what it's like working in a cat cafe?

Over the next few months we will be interviewing our staff with some of your questions, so you can get to know the team and meet the people who work so hard to help all these cats have better lives... And find out what it's actually like to work in a cat cafe!

Meet Valeena (Val)

Valeena (Val) is a cat host and barista and has been working at Catoro for close to a year.

What is your favourite memory of working at Catoro?

Meeting Hamilton (a cat). I have never met a cat so ready for love. He didn’t even know who I was and already started to purr. He would start drooling from all the purrs. 


When I had to say goodbye because he was going to his forever family, I remember he just sat in my lap and started to drool all over me. It was really special.

What is the most fun part of your job? 

Helping shy cats learn to play! Meeting and helping people adopt cats!

What is the most stressful thing about your job?

Explaining the pasts of traumatized cats to customers.

How would you describe working at Catoro?


How is working at Catoro different than you expected?

It’s much more of a community than I expected. I feel like I’m part of one big happy family with co-workers who actually care and value me. The seriousness of our job can sometime be overwhelming but the importance of what I’m doing and co-workers I can rely on keeps me going.

What is the hardest part about working at Catoro?

Learning about the sad pasts of some of the kitties, as well as the sheer amount of work that goes into caring for animals.

Tell us about a cat whose story affected you.


Ebony’s story really hit me. Ebony was a beautiful, well-loved cat who came into our care when his guardian passed away.
He was trapped inside of the home, alone. He had spent his whole life there (10 years) with his only family. I can’t imagine what he must have felt when she passed. Not knowing where his only family had gone.
It was really sad to hear about. But knowing that he has leant to trust again and has now gone to his new family has made all the sadness worth it.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about rescue cats?

That they’re all deserving of love. Some of the cats that come into our care have been so hurt by humans. But time and time again I watch as they learn to trust and love again.
It takes so much patience and time, and sometimes it doesn’t work out, but to keep trying is what is important.

What is your favourite drink on our menu? 

Foggy Cat and Honey Lemon Green Tea.

Do you have a pet at home?

I have two cats at home! Poukie (brown tabby), and Remi (orange tabby).
Poukie is a sassy sassy girl. She loves cuddles but isn’t afraid to let her boundaries be known.
Remi is a sweet loving boy. He is the gentlest and most sweet cat ever. He loves to play and receive light chin scratches.
Remi suffers from feline anxiety and has to take medication, however when medicine time comes around he patiently waits in his spot because he knows he will get a treat after. Remi is also a big fans of the toy springs at Catoro! He will play with them endlessly.
val's cats
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