Rescue Stories - Calling all Cat Parents!

Calling all Cat Parents!

How are you all doing? We know this is a challenging and unprecedented time for us all. We hope that you’ve found a way to adapt to this new way of living and that your fur babies at home are happy to spend more time with you. 

As you may have heard, we have recently launched CatoroTV and have many new mini series in the works. One of these series is called “Rescue Stories”, which will be following new cats to show their health and behavior as they progress at Catoro and as they get rehabilitated. Because we are not bringing in new cats at the moment, this will be a challenge to do. So one of our loyal supporters and cat parent to Dany aka @mylittledinosaur, made a wonderful suggestion to feature videos of previously adopted cats. 

This is an open call to anyone who’s adopted from Catoro in the past since we opened! We want to see how your kitty is doing! We’re sure that most of your cats have probably changed LOTS and developed their own unique personalities and quirkiness. Many of you have cats that were loved previously by all the guests who came in to spend time with them if they couldn’t have cats of their own. We’re sure they are dearly missed. 

Please send us a video of your kitty! This can be any length and recorded on whatever camera, phone or other device you have. We want to know how they’re doing! Or just record some fun clips of them playing or napping! If you can make it in a widescreen(horizontal) format, rather than vertical, that will be appreciated. You can send to us by email at, or upload to google drive/dropbox, or you can upload directly to Youtube/Vimeo and share the link. Anything works!

You can see an example below of one of the first cats adopted from Catoro, by @anbnna 


Thank you all and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!!


The Catoro Team