Catoro Collection - Pidan Litter

We’ve had a lot of kitties come through our doors since opening in July 2019, and our priority has always been their health and happiness, so we only use high quality cat supplies here at Catoro, and we want to make it super accessible for you to get healthy cat food and litter for you fur baby too! In this video we show you how to use the tofu based Pidan litter. We have a number of options available in store, so see below for a comparison of them. If you want to try it out, make sure to sign up for Paw Pass to start collecting points and earning cash back!

Original Tofu Litter:

This is a great place to start. It is the basis of the other varieties, and is made of food grade soy pulp which dissolves in water, so you can flush your litter! There are absolutely no artificial additives added but it has a natural scent that we think smells a bit like vanilla, and this counteracts any unpleasant odors. It can absorb a liquid volume four times greater than itself in two seconds.

Composite Litter:

This is the original tofu with added bentonite particles, which help form a stronger clump. This helps reduce dust generated by the litter and makes it easier to scoop!

Activated Charcoal & Tofu Litter:

Charcoal is infused into the tofu granules and we notice it reduces the natural scent of the tofu litter so if you prefer a more neutral scent this could be the litter for you!

Activated Charcoal and Bentonite:

Small bentonite pellets fill up the gaps between the tofu cat litter to make an even firmer clump that is easier to scoop. It has three different odor eliminators to remove bad smells more thoroughly - the tofu pellets with activated charcoal have tens of millions of micropores that absorb offensive odors and the bentonite locks up the unpleasant odors more firmly, while blue STA particles reduce the spread of odor.

Sodium Bentonite Litter:

Sodium bentonite is a mineral clay, not soil clay. It cannot be flushed, however it has amazing absorbency and solid clumping. It clumps in 3 seconds before liquid reaches the bottom of the litter box, so cleaning is easier, and the black activated carbon particles have micro-holes that trap odors. It is 99% dust-free so if that is an issue for you this could be the best choice. It contains no flavors and fragrances.

One bag lasts about a month for 1 cat and costs $16.99 plus tax, and you can order it online, with free delivery if you sign up for a Paw Pass free trial! Let us know if you have any questions about this litter, and make sure to check out our website if you're interested. We LOVE the Pidan Cat Litter Collection, and we have all of them available to purchase in our online store at: