Terrence - ADOPTED

Orange Tabby. Domestic Shorthair.

Terrence is a retired tom cat and still has the chubby cheeks to prove it. When you pick Terrence up, he feels like a tank. His whole body is rippling with muscle - but his personality is like a giant sun kissed marshmallow. Terrence loves to roll around on every surface. When it comes to human affection, this guy is as chill as the other side of the pillow. Terrence enjoys pets and being praised. He's a big fan of belly rubs and cheek massages. You can always count on this boy to enable you when it comes to staying in bed too long and putting tasks away for later. 

Please note that due to his history as the top cat on the block, Terrence can be quite territorial. He doesn't get along well with other cats and will not hesitate to bully them. Terrence needs to be the only cat in the house, and we think he'd do best in a home without young kids as he can get overstimulated and gives love nips. 

Birthday: October 23, 2019