Summer - ADOPTED

Domestic short hair. Calico.

DOB: April 1, 2022.

Summer is a young mama (mom of Oscar and Reem). She takes her time getting used to her new surroundings and likes to tuck herself away in a nook or a corner where she feels safe for the first little while. This girl is very nervous at the beginning and very quiet. She won't be aggressive with you, just a little withdrawn. She will let you pet her, but don't expect full on purrs right away. This girl takes time and patience. 

Summer is not trusting of other cats yet and therefore hangs out in the back. She gets scared very easily and needs someone who's very patient and compassionate. When Summer trusts you, she gives you endless kisses on the forehead. She will purr and rub herself against you back and forth not wanting to leave your side. Summer also makes cute chirping sounds when she wants to communicate with you.