DOB: May 24, 2017

Shamos is an old soul. He came from a hoarding situation, where he used to be piled up on top of other cats and we weren’t sure how he would be around humans. Shamos surprised us all, by being one of the most affectionate kitties. He’s very strong and big and often seems mean, but he’s just a gentle giant. He likes to borrow his head into your armpit and just sit there. He’s big on headbutting and might knock you off your feet if you’re not grounded enough. Shamos can be a bit awkward in your arms as he’s never experienced that before, but he will not be aggressive or avoidant. If you try to leave him too soon, he will grab your hand and ask you to stay.

Shamos is FIV positive.

Shamos gets very nervous in big spaces with a lot of stimulation, so he hangs out with the staff in the back. If you're interested in meeting him, please let the host know, and they will take you to meet him. Shamos loves meeting new people, just where he feels comfortable and we honour and respect that.