Roo is the prettiest Arabian Mau tabby. She's a gentle, sweet young lady who's always excited to see you. She's a bit on a cautious side, but will always persevere and accept your check and chin scratches. Roo is so polite she will always give you kisses when you present your hand to her. You can tell she's eager to get pets, but is too scared at times. She will often come out of her hiding for a good twirl around and a  purr, only to quickly go back into her hidey-hole. We can tell that in the patient and loving home Roo will flourish like no other!

Please note that Roo is a breed of cat called Arabian Mau. Maus are known for their extremely high intelligence and even higher energy. They must have adequate enrichment and exercise, otherwise they can exhibit destructive behaviour in the home. 

Birthday: October 2022