Rambert| ADOPTED

DOB: May 27, 2022

Rambert is a very cautious young lad. He’s not very trusting of his surroundings yet and thinks everyone is out to get him. Could you blame him? Look how cute he is! Rambert will watch you intently from a distance to predict your every move. You ever feel like you're being watched? Yeah, that’s Rambert energy right there. He’s like a creepy guardian angel that’s also the cutest little thing!

UPDATE: Rambert LOVES being a lap cat! One day he decided to do a full 180 and jump into one of our staff lap and nuzzle into her armpit. Rambert will meow when he wants attention. His meow sounds like a computer from the 90's that's trying to connect to dial up internet. You know the sound. Rambert is an avid air basket maker and he likes to demonstrate his skills everywhere he goes.