Radish | ADOPTED

Brown Tabby. Domestic Shorthair.

Radish is a very spunky little lady. She is new to the cat forest and has been hanging out back trying to get into the storage room every chance she gets (coincidentally where the food is stored...). She is small and fast, but oh so adorable. She loves affection and is very receptive to chin scritches. She's a squirmy lady and will not be held if she doesn't want to be, but if she's in the right mood she will cuddle right into your chest. She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and although small she is very mighty! She is very active and will need lots of enrichment and stimulation to stay out of trouble. She is good with other cats and enjoys cuddling and playing with her sister, Mojo. 

Birthday: August 12, 2022