Black and white, short hair.

Oscar has mild Cerebellar Hypoplasia, also known as the wobbly cat syndrome. This doesn't change his life expectancy or make him immunocompromised. It just makes him walk with a bit of swagger. Cats with CH adapt to their condition and have no problem living a normal life. 

Oscar is very sweet and affectionate. He enjoys his head and cheek scratches like any other cat and is very curious about his surroundings. Oscar is a big romantic, he loves to hold your hand and give it kisses. He also likes to be held like a baby. A big, soft, furry baby. He could stay in your arms for hours.

It's Oscars first few days at Catoro and we're still getting to know his personality. We're monitoring to see if he's bonded with his sister Reem.


DOB: January 18,2023.