Morel is the sweetest mushroom in the cat forest. She’s the first one to greet you at the door and head butt her away to your heart. She’s super soft and she knows it. Morel likes going from one pair of legs to the other, wiggling her way from one person to another. She’s an absolute sucker for pets and head rubs. Anyone that meets her falls in love with her instantly. She’s quite mellow and reserved, but enjoys a good walk through the cat forest collecting all the compliments. 

She is super tolerant of being picked up and cuddled by kids, but is not a lap cat yet. She loves to find a high spot close to the humans and settle in, and will follow them room to room with lots of leg rubs and loves her scratches.

She may be 3.5 but she still acts like a kitten most of the time, loving her wrestles with her kittens and playing wand toys or little fluffy balls. She is VERY quiet, rarely making a peep, but loves her food and will be very excited anytime food is possible. She is the dominant cat and likes to be the center of any pats or treats that are going on!

With her kittens grown she is ready for a home. Other cats likely ok if they can work out their hierarchy. Not sure about any experience with dogs, but kids are ok. Her kittens Enoki and Reishi will be ready soon in the case anyone is looking for a family of 3.