Seal Point. Persian Mix. 

Luna knows she's a Queen and isn't afraid to exercise her power. She is very affectionate and cuddly, she WILL demand you give her attention, even if you're busy, and will not be pleased with you if you don't obey her. She wants to be supervising her humans at all times and will watch you judgmentally as you go about your daily tasks, demanding attention every now and then. Luna is a bit spicy with the other cats, she likes her personal space, but she did make friends with a young male cat in foster. She just needs some time to warm up and make sure the other cats know she is the queen bee. Luna would likely do best with a more submissive cat in the house, one that’s willing to bow down to her grace and royalty! She is very vocal about her food and will explain to you how important it is that you prepare it correctly, and will be displeased if it's not prepared fast enough. Luna will make a wonderful ruler of your household that will ensure you never feel alone!

It is important to note that persian cats have a thick double coat and are significantly more high maintenance when it comes to grooming compared to most cats. Their fur can be prone to tangling and matting so they require daily brushing and, depending on their self-grooming skills, sometimes even monthly baths. Potential adopters must be prepared to put time and effort into grooming Luna to ensure she stays clean and happy!

Birthday: September 2022