Leenah | ADOPTED

Black and White. Arabian Mau mix.

Leenah is part Arabian Mau and it’s important to note that this breed requires a lot of attention and stimulation. They’re full of energy (more than most other breeds) and need lots of enrichment and stimulation to keep them out of trouble. Leenah will need a lot of dedicated play time with her humans and lots of puzzle and enrichment toys to keep her happy. 

Leenah is a loud, independent girl with only one eye. She knows what she wants and she's not afraid to ask for it. Leenah is quite vocal, she likes to gossip and yell out random facts. She loves all sorts of toys and is able to entertain herself for hours. During her time on the streets, Leenah lost one of her eyes, but it doesn't stop her from being a playful, rambunctious girl!

Due to her traumatic past, Leenah comes with a big of baggage. She can get overstimulated or nervous while being pet and lash out, she is working very hard to get over this. It is assumed she damaged and subsequently lost her eye to another cat, so she is highly cat aggressive and will need a home to herself. If she sees other cats she can sometimes get frustrated and redirect on her humans. Due to her cat aggression she likely will not take kindly to dogs or small animals so she will truly have to be the queen of the castle.

Despite her problems Leenah adores humans and deep down just wants a family to call her own. She will expose her belly to you and let you rub it. She purrs instantly as your hand touches her soft fur. We believe that in a patient, loving and caring home this girl will finally feel safe and allow herself to drop her guard down and memories of the past will slowly dissipate.

Birthday: May 2022