Jack & Shyla

Sex: Male & Female

Age: 2 years 4 months

Jack is like your typical teenage boy who goes around causing trouble and doesn’t like getting caught. He’s a big people watcher and enjoys hiding under the chairs like a little spy to see what you’re up to. He is quite assertive and dominant and doesn’t take crap from other kitties. He will put you in your spot too if he has to. It’s not the question of whether Jack gets along with other cats, it’s whether other cats get along with Jack. This fluffy monster enjoys chasing mops and brooms and anything that rolls across the floor. He’s not a big fan of getting picked up, but he enjoys cuddling next to you while watching TV or reading. Jack is bonded with his sister Shyla. Both would do best in a home with no children.

Shyla’s name alone describes her very well. She is quite shy and takes her time in getting to know you. Shyla needs someone who is calm yet persistent as she needs constant reminders that it’s safe for her. This kitty loves window watching and cuddling. She enjoys teasing you by always being in your sight and meowing at you, then running away when you come closer. When she’s nestled in a cozy spot she’ll nuzzle you and let you pet her head. Shyla is bonded with Jack and the two can spend hours together playing and grooming each other.