Honey is a sweet little kitten who will blossom in her new home with some time and patience. Although Honey will be skittish and shy when you are first getting to know her, you will soon discover that she’s secretly a cuddlebug who loves a good pet, scratch and head massage! Honey will be your bedtime companion and loves to sleep curled right up next to you. Once she is comfortable in her new home, Honey will become the best lap cat. And don’t let her small size fool you: Honey has a ton of energy and loves playtime, and it is not unusual to see her entertaining herself with one of her many toys. She also enjoys chasing her own tail, which never gets old! Note: Honey has scarring on her eye that prevents her pupil from dilating properly, but her vision doesn’t seem to be impaired and it does not affect her day to day. She also had her back teeth removed due to gingivitis.