Age: 6 years 

Gertrude is our sweet madam, who seems like she hasn’t had a very pleasant past. She absolutely loves pets, but sometimes when you initially go in to pet her she clenches her ears and bows down. Despite her trust issues, she’s still very willing to get attention. She can’t wait for you to come closer so she could rub her head against you. She's okay with being picked up and will always greet you happily. Gertrude is super calm and gets along fine with other felines. She likes to hang out on high shelves where she can see you eye to eye, unless you’re a shawty, then she’ll look down upon you, but never in a demeaning manner. Gertrude has plenty of love to give and she deserves to receive it all back doubled! We recently discovered that Gertrude is in the early stages of kidney disease so she has special veterinary food that she needs to be on and may need some extra medical attention throughout her life.