1-year-old Elian is paws-down the most affectionate kitty we ever did see. She gets excited to see you more than a dog gets excited to see their owner. Despite her only having three legs, she has no problem jumping up and down shelves and cat trees. She absolutely enjoys cuddling so hard you feel like she’d pierce right through all your organs- in a loving kind of way. She likes twirling around your neck like a monkey or a snake and not letting you go, even if you ask her nicely to - which leads us to believe she either has separation anxiety or is just extremely, aggressively affectionate. Elian loves to hug you with her one front leg and tuck her head under your chin like a little helpless baby. She’s quite vocal when it comes to expressing her excitement. She can also barely sit still when you’re around. Elian is so full of love and compassion, you feel guilty spending a minute without her.