Sex: Male

Age: 6 years

Charlie is a beautiful F5 Savannah cat. Like any Savannah cat, Charlie is very intelligent and energetic, meaning he’ll have no problem opening the doors and jumping up on very high places such as your fridge. This type of cat requires a lot of play time and care. They’re friendly and social and very vocal. They’re good for someone who spends a lot of free time at home and is able to give them a lot of attention. If not played with, Savannah cats tend to get destructive. They’re often compared to dogs, as they’re one of the most loyal breeds out there and will follow you around the house and watch your every move. They’re often easy to be leash trained, however visits to the vet can be quite a handful, especially if the previous one left a negative impact on the cat. They’re not really lap cats, but they do enjoy getting petted and being by your side. They’re warm towards other animals and children if they were raised around them as kittens, however not knowing Charlie’s past, it can a stab in the dark when bringing him to a home with children. Charlie enjoys exploring and burying himself in catnip toys. He’s quite calm, yet very talkative. Having him as a member of your family can be very rewarding, but it's a decision that requires a lot of thought and research.