Buzz & Oliver- ADOPTED

Buzz and Oliver are both Tuxedo (black and white) domestic short hair cats.


Buzz is the sweetest, cuddliest, snuggliest boy you'll ever meet. His pure, unconditional love for you is unmatched. This boy will hug you with both his paws, give you kisses all over your face and give you the coziest, warmest snuggles. Buzz is curious like any other kitten and is always eager to play. Strings that are attached to your clothes are usually his favourite toys. Buzz is extremely affectionate and gets along with everyone. He loves to play with his brothers Cheeto and Oliver.

Birthday: April 15, 2023


Oliver is a rambunctious little business man who loves to cuddle and play fight with his brothers, Buzz and Cheeto. He's quite a bit bigger than Buzz, even though they are the same age. Oliver always wants to be up in your business and will climb you while you're fluffing his bed and preparing his food. He loves receiving snuggles and pats, and pretty much just loves attention in general. He doesn't mind other cats and will make a lovely member of your family who will ensure there's never a dull moment. Oliver loves to lick your face and has picked up a bad habit of biting noses and ears, so his future adopter will have to train him to be more gentle. 

Buzz and Oliver are still very high energy kittens. They would do well in a busy home with lots going on and are great with kids. 

Birthday: April 15, 2023