Ras & Abby - ADOPTED

Part Arabian Mau.

Ras and Abby are an adorable bonded pair who love to snuggle, play and will talk your ear off. These sweet girls are about a year old and full of affection. They love belly rubs and licking your face. 


Ras is one of the sweetest kitty cats we’ve ever had at Catoro. She absolutely loves everyone and will groom you every time she sees you. You’ll be her favourite if you have a beard. Ras likes to whisper sweet nothings into your ear and give you tiny, ticklish smooches on your earlobe. Don’t wear makeup around her because Ras will definitely lick it off your face and wear it better than you!  She’s super talkative and has the quirkiest voice, just like her siblings.

DOB: March 1, 2022


This strong-minded girl is stubborn and will do exactly whatever she pleases. She is cautious and aloof with people at first and takes a while to warm up. Once she does, though, she's super affectionate– but on her own terms. Like her sister, she will bestow you with loving bites and nibbles. Be careful because she likes to nip. She loves head butts and overall is very high energy and very playful. 

DOB: March 1, 2022