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Igloo Cat Litter Box

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Award Winning Design
This award-winning Igloo cat litter box is designed with both you and your cat's needs in mind. It received the 2016  Red Dot Award for Design Concept - read on to see why we recommend it for you!


For Your Cat
Its structure and space let cats of different ages and sizes easily use it. It creates a low light, breathable and quiet environment, giving cats more privacy and security than open litter boxes. The material used is safe and antibacterial, making it a hygienic option of cats.


For You
The Igloo is also designed with your needs in mind. The grating at the entrance collects litter which falls back inside to prevent waste. This largely reduces the amount of cat litter escaping the litter box, keeping your home clean and tidy. Its curved bottom basin ensures no dead end when scooping cat litter.


The Igloo blends into any style of home decor because of its appearance and feel, and it is available in a choice of modern colors. A shovel is included and it feels comfortable to hold, so scooping becomes more effective. It has a hook to store it inside the litter box, so it is can be accessible, but out of sight. 


Our recommendation
We use this litter box in our cat cafe and we know from experience how well it works. Our cats love it, it helps reduce unpleasant smells, and it looks fantastic. We actually have four of them out at any given time! It is also easy to clean and due to the grating at the entrance we stop litter from ending up on our floors. We even made a video about it available below! We use it with Pidan tofu litter, which is the perfect size for the grating, and we would love if you checked it out. 


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