We’ve written to you before asking for help and you came through big time. Today, we are facing some serious hurdles. Due to the rising costs we’ve all experienced this past year, Catoro is struggling to stay afloat. We know that we provide a valuable community service not only for animal rescue but also for animal therapy.
To put it plainly, we are having a hard time keeping the lights on. We weren’t able to get rent relief during COVID-19 closures over the past two years and have been struggling to catch up to the debts we took on to keep our cats healthy and our staff paid. We urgently need your help.
We are sadly considering closing our doors for good and you are our last resort. We hate having to ask this, but we need help. Since we opened in 2019, we have faced so many obstacles. On top of the regular hurdles of running a small business, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are long-lasting and we have to admit, we haven’t fully bounced back.
Catoro Cat Cafe's mystical cat forest is a calm, dark room where guests can visit with over 20 adoptable rescue cats.
Like many other small businesses around us, operating costs have increased significantly while profit margins shrink. We currently care for around 30 adoptable rescue cats at any given time. Some of them have been with us since early this year. A few have ongoing health concerns and their care comes with increased medical and labour costs.
If every visitor who came through our doors this year gave us $10, we would be able to keep going. If you think Catoro is doing some good in the world, we need your help. If you don’t have $10 but still want to help, you can share this campaign on your social media. Tell your friends and family. Spread the word to your coworkers. Every drop in the bucket helps us save more cats give them good lives with people who love them.