These rescue cats found homes in 2022

We're taking a moment to celebrate the cats who found loving homes this year, while knowing our mission is far from over, as there are still so many cats who need our help. 

We know it can feel overwhelming how many cats are abandoned or in the streets, so we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the difference we're making together.

Adopted cats

We believe all cats deserve safety and love, and we're so grateful these cats now get that opportunity.

All the cats pictured here (and more) found homes this year, after being rescued and cared for at Catoro.

This is only made possible by your continued support, so thank you for helping to give these kitties a second chance. We understand not everyone can support these cats as a Patron, but don't worry, there's still other ways you can help!

For example, tell your friends & family about how we help rescue cats, share our posts on social media, or shop for cat stuff.

Visiting the cats is the best way to see the impact our Cat Forest has in offering a safe space for cats to be cared for, socialized and rehabilitated.