Interior Design Feline: How To Make Your Home Cat Friendly!
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       When bringing a cat home, you want to make sure that both you and your feline are happy and comfortable. In this blog, we’ve compiled how to make your house feline friendly, without compromising your interior design aesthetic! Wether you’re into the vintage classic, minimalist, bohemian, a seaside look or chic/glamour. Here are a few modern-day ideas for you and your cat!



Some cats may be a little shy at first and need their own space to hide and feel safe. Our cats love a nice little cocoon to hideaway in, just like us humans enjoy wrapping ourselves in our plush blankets. Invest in a little bed with a small opening so your cat can disappear but still be a part of the family!

By placing the cocoon in a corner of your living room, your new cat will feel safe, warm, and still comforted by the presence of others!

This will defeat your cat running under your bed or on top of your fridge! These little cocoons are fool-proof for helping your fur baby feel calm and build a bit more confidence.




When it comes to choosing the perfect food and water bowls, a low and wide bowl is recommended! Cats have very sensitive whiskers and prefer to have a bowl that's easy to crouch next to and quench their thirst.

There are many options out there of different designs, colour, and styles to match your home. Try brands like Pidan, Whisker City, or Yamazaki Home. 


Your cat loves the outdoors just as much as you do. Although we recommend keeping your cats as indoor pets, it’s important that your kitty receives a good amount of fresh daylight on their whiskers!

Look into purchasing a lookout for your cat so they can perch comfortably by the window. Cats love to watch the everyday life from your window. There are many ways you can make a viewing point for your cat.

Ex) cat towers, cat hammocks, suction cup perches.


This is probably one of the most important aspects for making your home feline approved. Vertical space opens up the space in which your cat can move, exercise, play, and explore their inner panther! Not to mention, it’s perfect for a multi-cat home where each feline will most likely want their own space from time to time.

Cats love to watch people do people things, and this is a great way to allow them a little entertainment. You can create a vertical space in the same way you would create lookout for your cat.

Ex) cat trees, cat shelves, cat bridges, hammocks, perches, etc.



Cats are still animals at the end of the day and sometimes they may feel the need to mark their territory. By purchasing a scratching post, you can eliminate your cat’s habit of scratching at your furniture and door frames. Cats like to use scratching posts to make your home theirs as well. 

Therefore, you want to make sure to place the post(s) in areas your cats want them! This may mean placing them in different spots in your living room. 

When placing your scratching post, consider it’s positioning as well as sturdiness. The best positioning angles are: horizontal, vertical, and inclined.


Invest in a good quality litter box. It’s always good to have a box that will endure scratching, scooping, scrapping, digging, spills, and odours! We recommend a litter box made with anti-bacterial materials. This will not only help with unpleasant odours, but will reduce the amount of times you’ll have to sanitize your kitty’s toilet!

To help eliminate odours, there are many brands and formulas of cat litter that exist on the market today. Do a littler research and see which litter might be the best for your cat and your home.

Ex) charcoal, tofu, bentonite, crystal, clay, etc.


We hope these suggestions were of help to our fellow cat lovers. Although these are very design oriented items, a cardboard box can go a long way and your cat will definitely be a fan of any DIY ideas you might have!

Don't be afraid to create something new for the both of you.


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- Léah Michaud