Tesla is a special cat who has a mild case of cerebral hypoplasia making him wobbly. Although he is extremely shy at first and will probably hide for a week, once he gets accustomed to his surroundings, he is an adventurous and happy boy. He is not one for lap cuddles but will happily lay on the floor and show his soft belly. He loves scritches and will call out to you when he wants your attention for more. He is best suited to a home that has carpets (or other soft landings like giant floor cushions), no kids and no dog as he needs someone who moves slowly so as to not startle him as he will lose his balance and fall. The best adopter will be one who can meet all his physical needs to make his home a gentle and happy place. He loves playing with all sorts of toys, although foam balls, pipe cleaners and pom poms are his favorite, of which he will carry all over the house. Tesla is an adorable, talkative boy who loves to play, eat and watch the birds outside and will bring so much joy to your life.