DOB: January 1,2021

Swan is one swanky, yappy lad. He will let you know when something isn’t to his satisfaction. He wants his cuddles and he wants them now!

Swan resembles a big baby as he enjoys cradling in your arms while gently kneading at your chest. He’s a complete sweetheart, although quite determined to get what he wants. He’s not afraid to speak up on all the disobedience.

Swan is very energetic and loves to play with anything that moves, but his favorite activity consists of cuddling and nibbling on your fingers. It goes: bite followed by an apology lick. It might be a little hard to focus when Swan is around.

Swan was found outside on the road, during a blizzard, with frostbite on his ears and nose. We hope he finds a loving home where he will be safe and warm always!