AGE: 5 years

Skipper is a lady with baggage. She’s seen some stuff in her life and has formed strong opinions on the world around her. She’s very particular with her pets and gets very defensive and self conscious when you try to touch her booty. Head pets only! She’s not a big fan of other cats and she lets them know by growling and hissing at any that pass by. Skipper is like a worried parent, that likes to make sure the surroundings are safe before she gets comfortable with you.  She loves to talk, mostly complaining. She might appear like a Karen at first, but underneath that hard exterior is a soft taco shell of a lady who only wants love and affection. 

UPDATE: Skipper is a mama bear and will protect all the female cats that get chased and harassed by male cats. She also learnt to jump into peoples laps and hang out there for as long as she wants!