Kitten 1 & Kitten 2

Kitten is one shy girl that likes to hide upstairs. She likes to keep low in hopes that no one sees her. When approached, however, Kitten will gladly accept your pets and scratches. She has a quirky way of lifting her butt up as high as her spine allows and tucking her tail under, like it's the most precious thing attached to her. 

Kitten number two likes to hide deep in the towel rack or behind the washing machine. She was very skittish at first, but never hissed at you when you tried to approach her. 

Both 3-year-old girls have become much more confident and outgoing after time at Catoro and in foster care. Kitten 1 likes to hang up high where she can watch everything, and loves to be pet and purr. Kitten 2 is very vocal and chatty, and will always let you know what's on her mind. Both kittens are very good with being picked up, and they love to snuggle and kiss you!